Taking Minutes of Meetings

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Taking Minutes of Meetings Book

Taking Minutes of Meetings
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Taking Minutes of Meetings is an easy-to-read guide to help with every aspect of the minute-taker’s role

Practical advice on everything a minute-taker needs to know from a leading trainer. Guidance on every stage from setting up the meeting to despatch of the final minutes. 

Guidance on setting up a meeting and ensuring the administration is effective.

Preparing an agenda to guide the chairperson, give structure to the meeting and achieve useful outcomes.

The purpose of the sections of the meeting so that information is minuted in the correct place and irrelevant detail ignored.

The minute-taker’s role in the meeting, working effectively with the chairperson, creating a professional impression.

Listening for key points and accurate note-taking.

Identifying actions and outcomes and minuting them accurately.

Turning the notes into useful minutes.

Styles of minutes and their uses.

Presentation and layout of minutes.

Minuting different typs of meeting.

Use of laptop and other electronic aids.

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