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Why you need See Me

Many people are aware that they don’t stand up for themselves when they feel they should, or they try to but end up backing down or becoming aggressive.  Assertiveness is a word that is often used, generally understood but not so easy to practise, this course offers a start in developing the skill.

Why is it good

See Me practical but without the pressure of role play scenarios.  Delegates review their behaviour and presentation, identify changes and then practice the words, tone and stance they would like to adopt.

There are plenty of books on assertiveness in the psychology section of bookshop and no shortage of sales of self-help books.  However, people often need to be given help to make the move from reading about the subject to actually developing the face they present. 

See Me

Course Content
See Me Course

• The premise on which assertiveness is based; the various style of behaviour and their effects.

• Assertive communication in practice; verbal and non-verbal behaviour; looking the part; small steps to assertiveness.

• Asking clearly and precisely; deciding when to say “no” (and what the alternatives are); avoiding unnecessary apology practice!

• Identifying areas for improvement; planning step changes to develop an assertive approach; maintaining a positive attitude.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to present a more assertive persona at work

A course at your workplace

Duration: one day (usually 9:30 – 4:30).

Minimum of six delegates, maximum of twelve

You need to provide a suitable room and a flipchart/pad, we bring all course materials and stationery; detailed reference notes and provide post-course support. 

Delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

See Me

The book provides a practical, hands-on, self-help guide to demonstrating confidence and competence at work.

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