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Why you need Speedwriting

The days of, “Dear sir, thank you for your letter of…” may have long gone, taking shorthand with them, but the need to write fast in a variety of situations remains.  Whether it’s minuting a meeting, taking a telephone message, noting instructions or note-taking in an interview, the ability to write quickly in a form that can easily be read back is invaluable.

Why is it good

The speedwriting system is entirely practical, learning in small stages then practised, developing skill and confidence as the day progresses.   Speed is developed through the structured implementation through use in the workplace.  

Using the BakerWrite system, which has been adopted by Pitman, the principles are easy to follow.  There are no strange symbols or squiggles to learn, just different ways of using the 26 letters of the alphabet to indicate common sounds.  A personal action plan supports the different needs of delegates and the session is supported by eight weekly ‘refresh and develop’ exercises, provided by email. 


Course Content
Speedwriting Course

• How to use simple abbreviations for commonly-used words; similar to the system used by many to text.

• When vowels can be omitted without losing the meaning of the word.

• A system of using subscript letters to indicate common sounds such as ‘th’ and ‘sh’.

• The use of superscript letters to replace prefixes and suffixes such as ‘inter’, ‘pro’ or ‘ing, ‘tion’ or ‘ence’.

• Delegates can choose whether to use just a few symbols, or develop their skills into a full-scale alternative to shorthand; the joy of the system is that its flexibility means it meets the needs of a wide range of users.

• This is the same system, and carries the same certification, as Pitman but takes a highly practical, in-depth, structured approach to ensure learning is embedded and retained.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to write fast but legibly.

A course at your workplace


Duration: one day (9:30 – 4:30).

Minimum of six delegates, maximum of twelve

You need to provide a suitable room and a flipchart/pad, we bring all course materials and stationery; detailed reference notes and provide post-course support. 

Delegates receive a certificate carrying the CPDSO accreditation mark.

Online training


Designed to be as near as possible to the face-to-face session.  Learn speedwriting in 16 short lessons (under 8 minutes) and bring each technique into your day-to-day writing so you’re gaining speed from the start. 

Designed to teach you speedwriting (not just show you how it’s done), this accredited course is supported by a downloadable workbook for ongoing reference (suitable for left- and right-hand use) and there’s even a PDF copy of the dictionary.  We support you all the way with email or telephone help when you need it.

Speedwriting Dictionary

A comprehensive list of words which use all the prefixes, suffixes and sounds that are used in speedwriting.  Also commonly-used abbreviations to maximise speed and 400 words that will help with note-taking in meetings.  

Report Writing Course
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