The link is meetings:

  • the skill and speed to take minutes;
  • the focus to drive things forward as chairperson;
  • the ability to write persuasive reports to help decision-makers make decisions (and read those reports quickly);
  • the communication skills to actively demonstrate confidence and competence at work.
Joanna Gutmann Training
Joanna Gutmann Training
Administrative Training
Joanna Gutmann Training

Online Courses

With face-to-face training on hold, the problems minute-takers and chairs face have multiplied with the move to on-line meetings. We have moved five of our most popular courses online. Minute Taking, Report Writing and Active Chairing are available as online, live seminars and both SpeedWriting and SpeedReading are available as self-study programmes.

Speedwriting to help with minutes
Learn online at home or at work

Minutes Made Easy ONLINE
5 September 2024, 6 November 2024

what people are saying about our training

I have definitely learnt things that I will take to my future meetings.

Joanna was excellent. She kept the course moving along and yet made sure everyone stayed with her. She is obviously deeply knowledgeable and experienced, so I felt I was being trained by an expert. I was engaged and interested throughout.
Minutes Made Easy Online
Feb 21

Great System

I'm cracking on through the course, enjoying it at every stage and it's making a difference at work.
Feb 21

I'll definitely be trying 'hand on the wheel'

Thanks very much, Jo. some really useful guidance, especially your 3-point checklist and how best to keep meetings on track.
Active chairing
SF, Sep 20

Great pace!

Very knowledgeable, skillful and clear concise presentation.
Jan 21
Report Writing Course
Joanna Gutmann Training

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