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Why you need Report Writing

Nothing much happens without a report to prepare and reports to update and review.  Effective decision-making requires good information and reports that are focused on the readers’ needs (rather than the writer’s interest) will support the process.

Why is it good

Report Writing follows the process of writing a report from preparation, through planning to writing.  It uses an example report and at each stage, participants then work on their own to ensure the learning is relevant for all.  Questions are welcome throughout the day, detailed reference handouts are provided and trainer-support is available after the course.

Writing a report can be time-consuming, frustrating and be viewed as a necessary evil by most staff and with horror by some. As a result, those who have to read the reports are faced with documents that are poorly structured and not suited to their needs.  This course will help delegates plan and structure a report, presenting information in a form which will be easily understood by the reader. Through improving the quality and reducing the time taken, reports can be viewed with more enthusiasm by reader and writer alike.

Report Writing

Course Content
Report Writing Course

• Define the objective for the report, taking the needs and interests of the reader into account.

• Plan and structure the report before writing.

• Adopt an appropriate style in terms of structure and language.

• Use clear numbering and descriptive headings to guide the reader.

• Present the report professionally to create the right impression and maximise readability.

• Giving information in a logical order.

• Use the sections of the report correctly

• Write a useful summary

Who should attend?

Anyone who is starting to write business reports, or who wants to improve the quality of the reports they write

A course at your workplace


Duration: one day (usually 9:30 – 4:30).

Minimum of six delegates, maximum of twelve

You need to provide a suitable room and a flipchart/pad, we bring all course materials and stationery; detailed reference notes and provide post-course support. 

Delegates receive a certificate carrying the CPDSO accreditation mark.

Live online training


A two-hour live webinar following the writing of an example report to demonstrate the process and approach.  The session is supported by a workbook for delegates to apply the techniques to their own work.

Maximum of sixteen delegates

Generally run through WebinarJam (available by internet browser, no download required) but can also be offered on MS Teams, Zoom, etc.

Reference notes are available for download.  Post-course support is provided by email or by a weekly open clinic session on Zoom.

Write A Great Report

Joanna’s book, explains the process by following two reports, one for decision and one for information with space throughout for readers to add notes to apply the content to their reports

Report Writing Course
Joanna Gutmann Training

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