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Joanna Gutmann Training
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Joanna Gutmann Training

Why you need Speedwriting

The days of, “Dear sir, thank you for your letter of…” may have long gone, taking shorthand with them, but the need to write fast in a variety of situations remains.  Whether it’s minuting a meeting, taking a telephone message, noting instructions or note-taking in an interview, the ability to write quickly in a form that can easily be read back is invaluable.

Why is it good

The speedwriting system is entirely practical, learning in small stages then practised, developing skill and confidence as the course progresses.   Speed is developed through the structured implementation through use in the workplace.  

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Write up to 40% faster with this intuitive, easy-to-learn system

What you'll learn

Ways to build on common abbreviations to gain speed.

When vowels can be omitted without losing the meaning of the word.

A system of using subscript letters to indicate common sound such as ‘th’ and ‘sh.

How to use superscript letters to replace prefixes and suffixes such as ‘inter’, ‘pro’ or ‘ing’, ‘tion’ or ‘ence’.

What you'll get

16 lessons of 5-8 minutes each. 

Additional practice for the words used in each lesson. 

Reading exercises

Test yourself with writing, reading and dictation.

Downloadable workbook (suitable for left and right-hand use). 

Free downloadble copy of the Speedwriting Dictionary. 

Ongoing email support.

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Buy the speedwriting course – £99
Learn with a friend (2x courses) – £160

Multiple licences for your organisation are available with a discount