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Joanna Gutmann Training
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Why you need SpeedReading for Meetings

Are you drowning under the weight of paperwork?  Do you struggle to keep up with the quantity of papers that each meeting generates?  Do you read the papers in the meeting, playing catch-up rather than keep-up?   Improving your reading speed will save you time and improve your comprehension.

Why is it good

This programme takes the tried and tested principles of speedreading and applies them to meeting papers.

Its flexibility means that you will find the techniques that suit you and can combine them for maximum efficiency in reading..

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Read up to 100% faster with this online programme

What you'll learn

How to preview a document to give focus and ascertain purpose.

A variety of different ways to read faster without losing comprehension through a range of different techniques with practise to embed and build speed.

How to broaden your peripheral vision and use to to read chunks of text in one fix.

The skills of skimming to get a general understanding of a document and scanning to locate a particular word or phrase.

What you'll get

12 lessons of 5-8 minutes each. 

Clear, practical, workplace-based examples. 

Content that builds speed from the first lesson with help to embed good practice.

Guidance on testing speed to evaluate the different techniques.

Downloadable workbook with the exercises for those who prefer paper to screen.

Ongoing email support.

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Buy the speedreading course – £99

Learn with a friend (2x courses) – £160

Multiple licences for your organisation are available with a discount